Craft A Shade Offers More Than Just Curtains And Blinds For Singapore Homes
October 1st, 2022

Craft A Shade Offers More Than Just Curtains And Blinds For Singapore Homes

Craft A Shade Designers Guild Wallpaper Wallcovering

At Craft A Shade, we aim to be your ultimate shopping destination for high-quality curtains and blinds in Singapore. Browse our range of products at our showroom, get a feel of our premium materials, and let us assist you in crafting your shade space.

We also offer free on-site measurement services islandwide – our curtain specialist will measure up your windows and provide you with the best options for custom window furnishings. Furthermore, receive a 5-year warranty for any motorised product, while regular manual curtains and blinds are covered for a year.

Apart from curtains and blinds, Craft A Shade offers a range of related products to help you complete your home improvement.

Craft A Shade Products 3M Window Film

Window film

Window films are practical must-haves that plenty of homeowners often overlook. Applied to your glass panes, UV films reduce the intensity of heat and glare from the sun. The protection this film provides against harmful ultraviolet rays is vital in keeping your furniture and furnishings from fading fast. Depending on the opacity you select, your window film can also offer privacy from prying eyes.

Apart from applying UV film to your windows, consider Safety film for the glass doors in your home. Safety film can and should be applied within the home, especially on your shower doors. Accidents can happen in a wet and slippery space like the bathroom. In the event of an impact to your shower door, the adhesive in the film can hold the broken glass, preventing dangerous shards from shattering and causing injuries.

While there are many practical reasons to use window film, there are also creative designs you can explore. Dichroic (rainbow) film adds colour to your space in a unique and fun way, or you can print custom designs on frosted or clear film.

Craft A Shade Designers Guild Wallpaper Wallcovering

Wallpaper and Wallcoverings

Changing up your wallpaper and wallcoverings can give your home a quick and easy style update. There are myriad ways in which you could customise your wallcovering – think about the colour and pattern of the design, the type of texture you’d like, which wall to highlight or downplay. With many options available, choosing the right wallcovering for your space is a fun (and often exhausting) process.

Whatever your aesthetic may be, our specialists will help you make the best selection for the perfect wallcovering to match your furniture and furnishings.

Craft A Shade Timber Solutions Parqwood

Timber solutions

You’ve got your walls and windows sorted, what about your floor? We’re thrilled to share that we can also take this task off your to-do list. If you have existing timber floors and stairs that are looking a little worse for wear, we can sand and varnish them to give a new lease of life. Looking to install a new deck? We’ve also got you covered. Find out more about our timber solutions.

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