Top Reasons Why Singapore Homeowners Prefer Blackout Curtains
October 30th, 2021

Top Reasons Why Singapore Homeowners Prefer Blackout Curtains

Day and Blackout curtains in HDB living room

Blackout curtains are becoming an increasingly popular choice of window treatment for Singapore homes. They are perfect for shutting out the hustle and bustle of the city. The tightly woven blackout fabric can also control your indoor temperature by keeping the exterior heat at bay. And it can also protect your furnishings from UV ray damage.

You can install blackout curtains in practically any room in your home as they offer such a great range of benefits. Regulate your children's sleep cycle and have a restful night's sleep with these drapes in the bedrooms. Enhance your home entertainment experience when you use blackout curtains in your living room or home theatre. Create a conducive work-from-home environment or contain rowdy games like mahjong in your study/ games room.

Benefits of installing Blackout Curtains

Craft A Shade Condo Blackout curtains Bedroom

As the name suggests, the most commonly used application of blackout curtains is to provide complete blackout. They are especially beneficial at night in busy urban areas to filter out light that could cause sleep deprivation. Using them is an effective way for people working night shifts to get restful sleep during the day by blocking out daylight and creating an ambience conducive to sleeping.

Craft A Shade HDB Blackout curtains Bedroom

Enjoy absolute privacy at home with blackout curtains. The densely woven fabric prevents prying eyes from looking in your windows. This is necessary especially if you live on a low or ground level.

Craft A Shade Condo Blackout curtains Bedroom

UV rays entering your home via the windows can cause damage to your flooring and decor. Prevent your interior furnishings from fading by drawing your blackout curtains on sunny hot days.

Craft A Shade Landed Blackout curtains Living

Another great reason to use blackout drapes is to save energy. Windows play a significant role in the thermal energy loss in any room. Hence, introducing a blackout curtain is a great way to ensure lower energy escape. Doing so not only reduces your electricity usage considerably but also provides a pleasant climate inside your room. These curtains maximise comfort and minimise your bills.

Craft A Shade Condo Blackout curtains Bedroom

You can block out noise by utilising blackout curtains. The thickness of these drapes acts as a barrier and can block up to 40% of exterior noise. If you reside in a neighbourhood close to main roads or traffic, you can achieve tranquillity at home by installing them.

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