Types Of Curtains For Your Home
June 22nd, 2022

Types Of Curtains For Your Home

Sheer day curtains in a condo living room

Curtains not only beautify your home but also offer privacy and keep out the sun’s harsh glare. With a wide range of fabric types and functions available at Craft A Shade, how do you know which combination works for your home?

Sheer and Blackout curtains separating the living room from the balcony in an apartment

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are made from heavy, tightly‑woven fabrics that do not let any bit of sunlight into the room. Additionally, this curtain type does so much more. It keeps out the heat and the noise too. Furthermore, these drapes can protect your furniture from the damage caused by the sun’s rays.

This curtain type is best suited for your bedroom. Sleep well in a dark quiet room in cool comfort. Often, people use it for home theatre rooms too. There is something appealing about watching movies in absolute darkness.

Sheer and Night curtains in a bedroom overlooking an outdoor deck

Night Curtains

Night curtains are opaque and similar to blackout curtains in some ways. This type of curtain blocks sunlight and offers privacy. At night, people won't be able to look into your home.

Compared to blackout curtains, night curtains are easier to clean and maintain.

Sheer Day curtains installed in an apartment living room

Day Curtains

Day curtains are sheer and light with a great deal of transparency. Even with the curtains covering the window, enough light penetrates to illuminate the room. Day curtains are advantageous for the kind of privacy it affords. During the day, you can still look outside through the curtains, but people outside can’t see into your space.

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