Why Combi Blinds Could Be Perfect For Your Home
October 1st, 2022

Why Combi Blinds Could Be Perfect For Your Home

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Combi blinds go by many names which can be confusing. In Singapore, they are also known as Korean blinds (from where they were designed), rainbow, shadow, or zebra blinds (as a nod to their striped look).

For clarity, we will refer to them as Combi blinds because they have the combined features of Venetian blinds and Roller blinds.

The striped look of these modern blinds results from the layering of two types of fabrics (usually a sheer and a dim or blackout). They function like Venetian blinds to filter the amount of light entering your room. Pull the blinds up and down to overlap the fabric panels for your desired brightness or privacy setting. Similar to the standard Roller Blinds, they can be retracted to the top for an unobstructed exterior view.

Characteristics of Combi blinds

Craft A Shade HDB Combi Blinds Living room

Easy to Maintain & Durable

Cleaning and maintaining Combi blinds do not require much work. Dusting goes a long way. With regular care such as vacuuming and wiping down the blinds with a damp washcloth, these blinds can last up to 8 years.

Craft A Shade HDB Combi Blinds Study Room

Incredible Function & Form

One of the main reasons Combi blinds are in-demand is because of their flexibility to integrate into any space, be it a bedroom, living room or office. Mix and match different fabrics to customise the brightness setting in each space. A sheer or dim material affords partial privacy while blackout completely obstructs the world from view. The panels overlap so you can make the transitions smoothly.

These stylish looking blinds have a modern graphic aesthetic with their striped design. Make a subtle statement by selecting fabrics from a similar colour palette for a dual-tone effect or create contrast and draw the eye to the window with black and white fabric panels.

Craft A Shade HDB Combi Blinds Study Bedroom

Able to Automate

Combi blinds can be manually operated on a pull cord. Automating these blinds with a remote control or app on your phone will ensure a consistently gentle movement and extend the lifespan of your blinds.

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