Night Curtains Singapore
Curtains as an ensemble can add a dramatic flair in any room. It not only functions as a décor, but also provides warmth and lighting to a house. A curtain is not merely used for aesthetics, but also provides a lot of functional uses.

Night Curtains

As the name suggests, night curtains are typically used at night. It’s usually made from heavy weight materials and dark colors, helpful in blocking out 100% light from the outside; which helps you in getting a good night’s sleep. They are ideal not only in bedrooms, but also living rooms, and lounges. It’s great if you want to watch a movie and get a theater feel at your home, and even your afternoon naps.

Since night curtains do a great job of blocking sunlight, it’s also ideal in the mornings. It’s great in blocking out heat and light from the sun. Aside from that, night curtains can provide 100% privacy because it is impenetrable by light and also vision from the outside. It’s perfect especially for people in their bedrooms or bathrooms.

If you want to darken a room, night curtains is a great solution among a lot of other benefits.

Night Curtain Experts

At Craftashade we tailor quality night curtains, perfect for all kinds of homes, and offices. It looks great in bedrooms, conferences, and even living rooms. It’s great in providing excellent light control and even acts as a sunscreen protector in the morning.

We offer bespoke night curtain tailoring, using only heavy duty materials that will do the job for you. We have a range of colors and shades in our inventory; you will not be limited with options with what looks great with your current space design. We also make sure that the fabric that we use is of quality, and it will last through time; saving you money and the energy from changing curtains ever so often.

What to Expect with Your Night Curtains

On top of all the benefits of using a night curtain, it’s also a perfect window add-on to fit any lifestyle.

If you are often stressed and need longer and peaceful rests; or you simply want to relax at home on weekends without any inteference of the outside elements, our night shades is the perfect solution.