Roller Blinds Singapore
Roller blinds are popular choice as window covers. Over the past years, they have become increasingly popular especially for interior design. Even offices have picked up on its popularity and it’s not hard to understand why.

A Simple yet Versatile Solution

Aside from design, many people choose to have furnishings that are easy to use and maintain to go with their busy schedules.

Roller blinds give just that: It uses a pulley mechanism that controls the movement of the material from going up, to open, or down, which is to close the shade. And because roller shades are essentially made up of fabric, keeping it clean is easy with the use of a cloth, or vacuum.

Roller blinds have a simplistic design for the minimalist space. It is also is made up of different materials to suit different needs. There are blinds made out of Blackout fabrics, which cancels out 100% of light and visuals for people who want maximum privacy. There are also Perforated fabrics for roller blinds that allows partial light and visual to come in while maintaining adequate privacy. There are also roller blinds made from waterproof material, perfect for your kitchen and bathroom.

Roller Blinds to Suit your Needs

There’s a specific type of roller blind that’s suitable for every home and office. At Craftashade, you can choose from our extensive selection of fabrics and colors to match your needs. Roller blinds are also one of the most cost effective window shade solutions available and the one of the most versatile installation in every dwelling.

All of our fabrics are meticulously picked to ensure value for money and guarantee customer satisfaction. We take pride in all our products and make sure that affordability doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Roller blinds are a fantastic addition to your home or office. Its functionality and quality build will easily add the perfect touch to your space. If you’re going for a simple yet, modern take on window furnishing, roller blinds are the best choice.